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“Virunga National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, on the border of Uganda and Rwanda. Virunga is Africa’s oldest national park and is also the continent’s most biologically diverse protected area. The park’s 7800 square kilometers (3000 square miles) includes forests, savannas, lava plains, swamps, erosion valleys, active volcanoes, and the glaciated peaks of the Rwenzori mountains.”  (

The Virunga National Park is known for its biodiversity and its stunning landscapes. 

The unique wildlife of the Virunga National Park is rich of more than 8 different species of primates (including the mountain gorilla), hyenas, march mongooses, lions, leopard, African elephant, bongo, kob, Bates' pygmy antelopes, African buffalo, African giant pouched rat, etc.


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But the Virunga National Park is facing many dangers: 

  • Rebels are constantly trying to capture areas near the national park. The region is important for them because they illegally produce charcoal. 
  • Poachers are killing the gorillas for their meat
  • Oil companies such as SOCO attempt to search on the park's ground and disturb wildlife 

Virunga National Park's rangers have the task to protect the all-area and its animals, often at risk for their own lives. More than 170 rangers were killed in the past 20 years to protect the park.'s contribution

Every time you purchase an item in the flash deal section we donate 3€ to the park's foundation. 

Here are some examples of what our donation will be used for: 

$8 – A pair of new boots for a ranger
$32 – Funds a ranger for one day (includes family health insurance)
$50 – One month of support for the widow and children of a Fallen Ranger
$150 – Two weeks of food and supplements for an orphan gorilla
$300 – One hour of flight time for an anti-poaching patrol
$500 – One-day tactical elephant protection operation
$1000 – Comprehensive sweep and removal of deadly snares in the mountain gorilla sector