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A good pair of jeans is a chief element of a modern day wardrobe, which is both fashionable and durable. But manufacturing denim garments have a huge environmental impact as they lead to pollution of local waterways from the dyes used to produce jeans. Also, the cotton crop that is used to make the fabric requires a lot of chemical pesticides. One pair of jeans could require up to 7,600 liters of water to make it trough production, which is equivalent to three days of water usage for an average household. 


At thegreenlabels we offer jeans that are made in a sustainable way. We explain how we define sustainability in deeper manner here. An activity or company should evaluate their performance and success not only in matter of financial gain but also in terms of respect to the environment and its sources and the people that inhabit it. We work with different green labels who produce denim in a sustainable way such as ARMEDANGELS, Thinking Mu & Kings of Indigo. Their denim are bleach and chlorine-free, made of organic or recycled cotton free from chemical pesticides, insecticides. With these type of jeans we are trying to replace toxins with love and innovation. 

However, finding the perfect pair of pants for your body type can be a tricky and headache-inducing process. We have put together a small guide that will help you find the perfect fit according to your silhouette! 

Disclaimer: This blog is here to give some styling advice and share knowledge on that topic not to put women in a body type "box. 



The 5 defined body shapes


Rectangle shape

Your body is rather rectangular, as your chest, hips and waist are mostly the same size. This body type is known for its athletic frame. For this body type you want to avoid high waisted jeans and prioritize mid waisted ones as they will highlight and mark your waist. The jane sailor jeans by Kings of Indigo or the aanike jeans from ARMEDANGELS will be perfect for you!  

aanike jeans by ARMEDANGELS


Inverted triangle shape

You have an inverted triangle shape if your shoulders are the widest part of your body. Your waist and hips are narrower. Almost any type of jeans will be flattering on your body, so you have plenty of choices. If you want to highlight your natural slim frame, skinny jeans would be the perfect fit. But if you want to add more balance to your figure, straight jeans will do the work. You can also focus on bright colors to enhance the lower part of your body rather than your shoulders. The enijaa hemp high waist wide jeans or the ingaa high waist skinny jeans by ARMEDANGELS are a great fit!

enijaa hemp high waist wide jeans by ARMEDANGELS


Hourglass shape

An hourglass shape defines a narrow waist compared to your shoulders and hips that are wider. If you’re looking to enhance your waist, you should go for skinny jeans or straight leg jeans. Boot cut jeans will also be very flattering as they really highlight your figure. The leila pants beige stripe by Kings of Indigo, the nele patched pants by Thinking MU and the mairaa mom fit high waist jeans by ARMEDANGELS are made for you!

mairaa mom fit high waist jeans by ARMEDANGELS


Pear Shape

You have a pear Shape if your upper half is smaller in proportion than your lower half. Your shoulders and waist are narrower than your hips. You can also have long legs compared to the rest of your body. For the waist, jeans that sit on or just below your waist will be very flattering. The legs should be relaxed for a better fit, which means wide cuts are the most adapted to this morphology. Boot cut and flare denims are great substitutes as well as the mom fit. The trash dalia pants by Thinking MU, the ariel wide leg jeans by People Tree or the picnic maci pants by Thinking MU are the best fit!


Apple Shape 

An apple Shape means that the upper and lower parts of your body are proportional to each other. Your shoulders and hips are around the same size but your hips can be a bit smaller. Mid waisted denims are great because they will give more definition to your waist. Bootcut jeans are a particularly flattering option for people with this body type. Straight leg jeans are also a good option as they will obscure narrower hips. The nele patched pants by Thinking MU and the fjella cr. circular jeans by ARMEDANGELS will look perfect on you!


And because we are more than just body types, the most important when looking out for clothing  and putting on your outfit is to feel good and have fun! So…choose what makes you happy!