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    product details

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    in short

    • vegan anti-odorant product
    • effective for 3-7 days
    • 100% innocent ingredients

    how to use

    • Nuud is super concentrated and the tube will lasts an average of 6 to 7 weeks. So don't use too much each time. Wash your armpits with soap, dry them well and rub about a pea-size of nuud in each armpit.
    • Discover your 'application frequency'. On average, people apply nuud every 3 days, but everyone has their own frequency.
    • Because nuud does not disquise the smell, but prevents it, you have to make sure that the clothes you have been wearing are free from the 'old smells' and bacteria.
    • You won't have to wash your armpits with soap anymore, because of the way nuud works. In fact, nuud's effectiveness actually lasts longer if you don't wash your armpits with (too much) soap.


    This vegan anti-odorant product from nuud is effective for 3-7 days and guarantees you a long-lasting feeling of freshness while reducing your environmental impact. You can exercise, being active or taking a shower with no impact on nuud's effectiveness. The product doesn't contain any aluminium, parabens, petrochemical stuff or other toxic ingredients. Enjoy this innovative deodorant and take part in the happy armpits revolution.


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    supply chain

    Find out more about the supply chain, the values our labels carry, and the materials and ingredients used in our products.

    • raw material / ingredients
      silver (pure) | origin unknown
      coconut oil | origin unknown
      castor oil | India
      Zinc oxide | origin unknown
      Almond oil | origin unknown
      Stearalkonium bentonite | origin unknown
      polyglyceryl-3 diisostearate | origin unknown
      castor oil extract | India
      propylene carbonate | origin unknown
      carnauba wax | origin unknown
    • manufacturing

    about the label | Nuud

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    Nuud is a vegan anti-odorant brand. They make a deodorant product that is effective for 3-7 days. Their goal is to go for fresh armpits to everyone worldwide. That means fresh without any aluminium, parabens, petrochemical stuff or other toxic ingredients. Also, they come without salt or cheap perfume. They only allow 100% innocent ingredients. Nuud only has 10 ingredients, and one of the most important is micro silver, which naturally prevents the smell of sweat without blocking the pores or irritating the skin. In addition, they use certified, natural ingredients such as coconut oil, carnauba palm wax and almond oil to keep the micro silver in place.

    Besides that, the packaging is also plastic-free; the tube is made of sugarcane with a box made of biodegradable cardboard.

    Shop Nuud Online

    Discover the nuud deodorant that lasts for 3-7 days. You can shop nuud deodorant online on


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