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meet the team

claudia angeli


"I really believe we altogether can change the game!"

Style & Fashion is a way of self expression we as human, use on a daily basis.
When I discovered the impact that the Fashion industry has on the environment and on the people I was astonished! But also convinced that if more people were provided with the option to shop sustainably without compromising on style they would do it. 

Joining TGL is more than a shopping experience, it is a new way to vote for the kind of world you want to live in! 

lucia luce

operations & content

"There is a revolution in the fashion industry. I wish that someday, each and every one of us will take part to it"

I met Claudia at Impact Hub Amsterdam, a network of like minded people focused on making a positive impact in the world. We've both been moved by The True Cost, a documentary exploring several aspects of the garment industry from production to its effects on our living planet and our health. We realized that sustainable fashion has the unfair reputation of being unfashionable or "too hippie".

My personal belief is that sustainable labels should be the norm. There are many cool labels out there and I hope that TGL helps people to shop more consciously. 

Join the revolution, choose a sustainable label!