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We are a small business operating under the retail business model. Meaning we acquire goods at a wholesale price and resale them at a retail price that you pay. Find out more about what we costs we can cover with that margin.

what is hidden behind the price you pay?

40% of the price of a product you purchase on thegreenlabels corresponds to the wholesale price we pay the label to acquire the products, secondly 21% of that margin corresponds to the VAT we have to pay back to the government. thegreenlabels pays salaries to two full time employees and three interns. Our founder does not take yet a regular salary. We have direct & indirect operational costs to cover linked to the shipping of the packages and rent. We invest less than 6% of our budget in marketing such as paid facebook & instagram ads and create most of our content in house that way we keep our costs of marketing extremely low compared to standards of the fashion industry that can go up to 25%. We reinvest all of the remaining margin into the business to increase the size of our assortment and add new categories. This is how we grew from 10 green labels to 40+ in 3 years.