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our philosophy

We envision a world where people can easily find and buy products that have a positive impact, both on themselves and the world. By making accessible and creating a demand for sustainable fashion, we encourage other labels and the entire industry to shift towards a more sustainable model.


For the selection of our labels we have set up a sustainable grid that allows you to shop according to what you value the most. To be part of the selection, labels need as a prerequisite to guarantee fair working conditions and one of the value here under:


No animals harmed or used for the making of the garments matching with this value.


clean processes

Think organic natural materials and sustainable fibers, less or no harmful chemicals, low consumption of water, clean energy, sustainable logistics... 



Labels that produce locally help support local communities and maintain local economic & social wealth. 


waste reduction

Do you believe that circular economy can solve a lot of issues? Then this is made for you! Labels part of this value are using deadstock fabrics, or post-consumer waste to produce their garment. 


our transparency framework

In order to give you full transparency in the item you purchase, we have traced down from "seed to garment", the steps undertaken and where were those steps taken. 

our packaging

We are using a packaging made out of 90% recycled cardboard. We invite to continue closing the loop by throwing the packaging in the paper bin. 

our parcel provider

In the Netherlands we use Fietskoerier. They are the first bike delivery in the country and have won several awards for their sustainable solution. They deliver in 30 big cities on the bike and use green gas buses for longer distances. They are 100% carbon neutral. 
Outside of the Netherlands, we work mostly with with DPD who is committed to CO2 emissions reductions.

our business cards

We try to reduce the usage of paper and packaging, when it comes to our business cards we have used MOO cards made of leftover cotton fabric. No paper is used to produce those cards! Pretty cool right?

fabrics & certification

It is impossible to talk about sustainability without discussing fabrics. We researched and came up with the following simple rules: we favor natural, organic and recycled fibers and try to stay away from synthetic and mixed fibers. If we picked synthetic fibers, we also favor sustainable and clean processes as for TENCEL® lyocell. We mostly work with labels that use certifications such as GOTS for organic fabrics, Oeko-Tex for the use of harmful chemicals.