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ABC's van duurzame en ethische mode

12 sustainable winter coats from European brands

This is thegreenlabels round up of sustainable winter coats! Here are our top picks from European sustainable brands to choose your winter jacket. Whether you are looking for something classy, waterproof or extra warm, there are plenty of sustainable outerwear for your needs. A fair-trade jacket is an investment that can keep you warm and dry for years!

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our 6 favourite sustainable & ethical fashion podcasts

Podcasts are an entertaining and easy way to get educated whilst staying productive and going about your day-to-day business. Here at thegreenlabels, we love listening to podcasts all the time, whether we are making breakfast, cycling to work, or going thrift shopping.

Here is a selection of our latest favourite podcasts on sustainable and ethical fashion. So, earphones on, volume up, and enjoy the ride!

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the future of sustainable swimwear fabrics - spotlight on ECONYL®

The environmental impacts of the fashion industry are significant and cannot stay unignored.

While many sustainable options are now available for clothing, swimwear is still a challenging sector to tackle. Fortunately, sustainable swimsuits are slowly making a place for themselves on the market using ECONYL® ...

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how finding your right fit when shopping online is impacting our planet

Let's face it. We've all been there: purchased clothes online and eagerly waited for them to arrive only to be disappointed about the size or the fit. Did you know that in the fashion industry, around 30% of products bought online are returned? 

The common practice of buying multiple sizes and colors only to return all but a favorite product is actually costing the environment more than you realize! If you're wondering how to take the steps to reduce your carbon footprint, here are some of the ways that thegreenlabels can help you out in your next purchase!

But remember: the first step starts at buying less and consciously! 

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5 tips to conserve water through your fashion purchases

As World Water Day is behind us, we have compiled 5 tips for you to preserve water by staying away from water pollutants when purchasing and caring for your clothing. Fibers such as linen, lyocell and organic cotton are great water-saving alternatives to water-wasting fibers like synthetics, denim and conventional cotton.

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5 New Year’s Resolutions to Reduce your Clothing Carbon and Water Footprint up to 30%

“Climate emergency” was the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of 2019, a reflection of the year’s pulse as our environmental impact remained under the spotlight. We need to continue to demand the much-needed, transformative change from our world leaders and within industries while staying inspired to make our own impact, which collectively could be a big difference. There is a high carbon price tag attached to our clothes but, by extending their use by nine months we can reduce their carbon and water footprint by up to 30%

So, here are our 5 New Year’s resolutions to...

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De top 8 duurzame en ethische mode-podcasts

Hier bij thegreenlabels , we zijn geobsedeerd door podcasts en vinden het geweldig dat er zoveel geweldige shows zijn die het volume op duurzame en ethische mode verhogen.

Dus met Kerstmis voor de deur hebben we onze topkeuzes verzameld om naar te luisteren tijdens de feestdagen.

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3 hidden costs of sales and discounts

Oh ‘Sales Season’ has come! But what does this actually mean for all of us involved? There is always a lot of excitement surrounding ‘end of season’ price-cuts BUT have you ever wondered if that extra 20% is worth it? We dip into some of the effects discounting can have on a brand, the consumer, producers and our planet. 

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Top 3 sustainable fashion books for the summer

Time to read ± 5min

Summer books

Summer is calling, and so is the time to chill on the sand with a good book in your hands. Of course, you should use the time to relax but you maybe feel like learning about new topics such as sustainable fashion? Here is a short list of our top recommended reads that will make you a wiser person!

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5 tips to embrace sustainable fashion

Time to read ± 7 min

Tips from TGL

We know, buying the last on-trend cool piece you saw on the super trendy girl you follow on Instagram for 15euros is very tempting. But we also know that Fast fashion comes at a very high environmental cost also for the people involved in the production chain: water pollution, use of toxic chemicals, increasing levels of textile waste, production conditions close to slavery ... 

If you are decided to leave fast fashion behind here are the top 5 tips you can apply right away for a more conscious shopping approach. Promise it won't be boring! 

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