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  • creamy coconut shampoo bar by Bumi Bars on thegreenlabels
  • creamy coconut shampoo bar

    Bumi Bars


    hair type:
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    vegan & cruelty-freevegan & cruelty-free

    in short

    • hand-made shampoo bar with natural ingredients
    • nourishing and hydrating mix of coconut and argan oil
    • strengthens and softens hair 
    • lasts 40-60 washes for long hair
     Creamy Coconut is suitable for all hair types. 


      • hold the Bumi Bar in your hands and rub with some warm water until it starts to foam
      • rub the bar directly on your hair and scalp until the desired amount of foam is achieved then set the bar aside and massage the foam into your hair
      • lastly, rinse your hair well with warm water and, if necessary, follow with a conditioner of your choice 

      further information

      • comes in 100% recycled paper packaging 
      • not suitable for people with nut allergies
      • free of palm oil, SLS & parabens, no animal testing, vegan  
      • due to being hand-made & the use of natural dyes and herbs, the shape & color may differ 
      • minimum of 63 grams 

      Nourish your hair - plastic free! All Bumi Bars are made all naturally with shea butter, almond and jojoba oil. This creamy coconut shampoo bar is the perfect shampoo for all hair types. The argon & coconut oil provide a protective layer around the hair, making it feel strong and soft... Hand-made with love, these fantastic alternatives to shampoo bottles are a must-add in your sustainable care routine. 

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      vegan & cruelty-freevegan & cruelty-free


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      Bumi Bars

      Bumi Bars are vegan shampoo bars free from palm oil, plastic, and SLS. Made with natural ingredients, Bumi Bars enables users to contribute to the environment by showering more sustainable. Bumi means "earth" in Indonesian. And our earth is beautiful. We would like to keep it that way. The shampoo bars are environment-, animal- & travel friendly. They clean, repair & nourish your hair without compromising the world around us. In short Bumi Bars are good for you and for our earth.

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      Discover the newest arrivals of sustainable haircare products from Bumi Bars. You can shop online Bumi Bars vegan, zero-waste, and natural shampoo bars on

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