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thegreenlabels launched in March 2018, but the seed was originally planted in 2014 when our founder Claudia, traveled and lived in Asia. There she got confronted with the environmental issues our world is facing, she learned about the impact that the fashion industry has on the planet from overconsumption to heavy pollution & human exploitation. The first steps Claudia took was to reduce her consumption but when looking for better alternatives, she discovered a scattered and restrained offer of untrustworthy and inaccessibly priced brands. She was missing a place where she could find an approachable curated selection of fresh fashion. That is when the idea of thegreenlabels was born ...

We envision a world where we are obsolete because all fashion & beauty is made responsibly. A world where people can easily access fashion & lifestyle products that have a positive impact both on themselves and the world.

We believe that by sharing our knowledge around sustainability and offering a broad selection of affordably priced products, we help you to navigate the complex and daunting world of sustainable consumerism. We firmly believe that by doing so every individual has an impact and encourages the entire industry to shift towards a more sustainable model.

You can find more information about the issues with fast fashion in our blog post "Whats wrong with Fast Fashion".

What is thegreenlabels?

See thegreenlabels as your best sustainable friend, we are here to help on your sustainable journey with tips and knowledge to empower you in making better decisions. Helping you by serving you with "la creme de la creme" of what sustainable fashion & lifestyle has to offer. We'd like to guide you in at any step along the way, so just come as you are and join us on this journey!

How do we do it?

label curation criteria +

We curate our labels based on several values that we see to be different aspects of sustainability. No one is perfect when it comes to sustainability, so we want to support these labels on their way to more sustainable business practices and products.

our principles >

pricing transparency +

We are transparent about the prices of our products because customers have the right to know where their money is going. It’s not only about the production costs, but we want to show how the retail margin is used. 

pricing transparency >

materials +

We favor natural, organic and recycled fibers and try to stay away from synthetic and mixed fibers. If we pick synthetic fibers, we favor sustainable and clean processes such as TENCEL® for lyocell. For beauty, we try to select mostly natural and organic ingredients and prefer packaging that has an innovative way to be sustainable.

our principles >

supply chain transparency +

Transparency is the first step in changing the industry. We want to show the progress of our labels knowing their supply chain to the beginning of the materials itself, the seed, or raw material. That is why we show a transparency wheel on every single product page and why we always ask our labels where and how they produce their products. We want to share accessible information to increase awareness for the process behind the production of the items we sell. We also try to stimulate the labels to keep self-improving in this field by asking questions.

our principles >

shipping and packaging +

We have an impact on top of the products we sell. Shipping and packaging are big parts of the footprint of an e-commerce company, therefore we strive to minimize our impact and compensate for what couldn’t be avoided. We also make conscious decisions about which companies to work with. We select the most innovative ones that are committed to drastically reduce or eliminate their environmental footprint. This is why we ship our packages by bike through Fietskoeriers within The Netherlands and with DPD to the rest of the world, as they aim to be CO2 neutral. 

our principles >

continuous improvement +

We understand that we are not perfect. In reality, the fashion industry can never be 100% sustainable. What we can do is keep on improving. We will continue finding new innovative labels, more environmentally friendly packing materials and cool ways to do business. We strive to check ourselves, improve where we currently fail and find new goals on the way. Where do you think we should improve? 

our principles >

company culture +

We want our products to be made in good working conditions and also strive for that inside thegreenlabels. Our employees should feel empowered, happy, and have the opportunity to develop their skills continuously.

our principles >

accessibility in price +

We want to make sustainable fashion accessible for all. That is why we want to offer affordable options. We strive to keep the average retail price of our products under 100 euro. If you are after our most affordable options check out ARMEDANGELSThinking MU & JAN ‘N JUNE.

our principles >

education & communication +

We want to share knowledge on sustainable fashion and clean beauty because knowledge is power. We aim to learn as much as possible about the issues and solutions and share it all with you so that we can take part in the change together. We mainly share insightful content via Instagram and newsletter and we’d love to have you on the learning journey!

our principles >

quality +

We strive to curate high-quality products. These items are fighting fast fashion and should last for multiple years when they are loved and cared for the right way. The length of time depending on the type of product. For example, coats should last at least 5 years, shoes at least 3 years, and knitwear & jeans  at least 5 years. All depending on how you wear them of course, but in general items should be made to last.

our principles >