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welcome to thegreenclub

what is thegreenclub?

It's our way of saying thank you for your support with a very special in-(green)house reward program. We know that making better choices may come at a price. By joining thegreenclub, you'll earn greenpoints while shopping, following us, reviewing our products in exchange for greenrewards. What are these greenrewards? We’re talking about discounts, free shipping & more. Join thegreenclub and start collecting greenpoints now!
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get greenrewards

free shipping

earn 400 points and get free shipping on your next order!

*when shipping costs do not exceed 20 euros.

10% off

earn 1000 green points and get a 10% discount on your total order!

15% off

earn 1500 green points and get a 15% discount on your total order!

20% off

earn 2000 green points and get a 20% discount on your total order!

€20 off

earn 1500 green points and get a €20 discount on your total order!

* spend a minimum of €100

€40 off

earn 2000 green points and get a €40 discount on your total order!

* spend a minimum of €200

€60 off

earn 3000 green points and get a €60 discount on your total order!

* spend a minimum of €300

earn greenpoints

join the club
join the club

create an account and receive 200 greenpoints. just like that!

two for one
two for one

receive two greenpoints for every euro you spend in our shop! the more you spend, the more you get ;)

the big five
the big five

get 500 greenpoints after you place your first five orders.

birthday party
birthday party

as a member of our club, your birthday does not go by unnoticed! fill in your birthday in your account and get 500 greenpoints as a gift from us on your special day.

follow us on instagram
follow us on instagram

hop on over to our Instagram page and give us a follow to earn 100 greenpoints. it’s easy!

review a product
review a product

go to a product you have recently purchased and leave a review to earn 300 greenpoints. your points will be processed soon after!

subscribe to newsletter
subscribe to newsletter

subscribe to our newsletter! 200 greenpoints will be added to your account soon after.

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How can I join? You can join thegreenclub rewards program by simply making an account on Click on the sign up button below!
How can I spend the green points? Once you have earned a green reward, you will get an individual code by email that you can use at checkout.
Where can I see my green points? You can see your points at your account page once you have logged in.
Is there a maximum number of greenpoints I can earn? Nope. sky’s the limit for our greenpoints! Some of the actions can be performed limited amount but you will earn points every time you shop with us and of course we remember you on your birthday every year :)
When will the greenpoints be added to my account? The green points will be added to your account after you perform an action. It might not be instant but will happen after some hours processing time.
I completed an action, but there are no greenpoints added to my account?Sorry to hear that! You can send us an email at and we will investigate the problem.
Can I redeem greenpoints for actions I have already done? You’ve been with us from the beginning and we make a rewards program only now? No worries :) Your account will already have points from your previous actions.
How do I get free shipping? Free shipping is one of thegreenclub rewards. You can receive it by earning 400 points. see here how you can earn more points
Can I use many rewards at the same time? Unfortunately not possible. You can use one discount code or reward at the checkout. If you want a bigger discount you can save your points for another greenrewards.
I forgot to enter in my discount code, can you still do it for me? Unfortunately we can’t. After you have placed your order we are not able to add discounts. The good news is that you can still use your greenreward the next time :)
Where can I send other questions? If we did not answer a question about the loyalty program here, feel free to ask us by email at