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At the end of last summer, we have launched our website and social media channel. Let’s be honest at the beginning it was just a test ... But what was a test is now progressively transforming into growing platform for like-minded people.

What is TGL again?
Right it’s been a while, let’s refresh a little 😉
TGL ( is yellow and blue coming together for a greener fashion industry.

TGL will be a blog and a webshop that inspires and helps you to discover new sustainable fashion brands; empowering a growing community of conscious fashion shoppers to live according to their values and influence others. 



We have carefully curated ten sustainable brands. Some are already well established, others are newcomers. All brands have at least one thing in common: they strive for a greener industry,
without asking you to compromise on your style or self-expression.


Let's pause for a second and come back to the reason why we started TGL.
Are you also trying to make more sustainable choices but don't know where to start? Spending long hours searching online? Which brand to trust? Where to buy?

Well at TGL we have also been there and we know it's not too much fun... We are here to help! We want to give you more conscious options and spread the word about cool yet sustainable brands.

We believe, all together we can change the Fashion industry! 

With love,
TGL team