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Who we are

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 It's Rianne and Thomas, the owners of thegreenlabels. Thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to read those lines. We have an update regarding the company that we want to share with you. 


How do we calculate our positive environmental impact?

At thegreenlabels, we are all about transparency and impact

Yet this time we took the research one step further and wanted to quantify our impact by comparing “sustainable” fashion fabrics with “conventional” ones and what were their direct saving impact. 

Applying this research, we present to you a quantitative metric that shows how much you contribute when buying from! 


behind thegreenlabels' new sustainability framework

During the fashion revolution week of 2021, thegreenlabels launched their new sustainability framework. Claudia, the founder, sat down with Sara Dubbeldam to bring to light the intention behind her decision to revamp thegreenlabels' sustainability framework, the process of redeveloping it, and what she hopes to achieve with the launch of a new version of the framework.



At the end of last summer we have launched our website and social media channel. Let’s be honest at the beginning it was just a test ... But what was a test is now progressively transforming into growing platform for like-minded people.

What is TGL again?

Right it’s been a while, let’s refresh a little ; -)