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Whether you are living in Amsterdam or coming for a short holiday and wondering what things to do in Amsterdam? This guide is made to ignite and satisfy the green you. Amsterdam is often mentioned as one of the most sustainable cities in Europe. This sustainability mindset reflects in the way people live, the shops and initiatives present in the city. Here are our top 10 hotspots online & offline based in Amsterdam that is worth paying a visit to. 


Are you visiting Amsterdam for a holiday? Or enjoying a staycation to get away from your routine? We’ve listed some of the most sustainable hotels in Amsterdam for you.

QO Hotel, this hotel has been designed in the most sustainable and circular way. They store energy during summer in the ground to reuse it later in the winter. They also designed the water circulation in order to minimize wastage, in that way used water is re-used for flushing the toilets for example. 

Ecomama is a hip and connected boutique hostel that accommodates all needs from double private bedrooms to their 12 beds dorms. How do they express their sustainable values? Cradle-to-cradle furniture, use of fair trade materials, natural stone heating, environmentally friendly water system, and waste recycling, they also like to encourage their guests to take part in the change. They also donate 1€ per night to an NGO. 

Ecomama hotel amsterdamimage 1, image 2, image 3

Conscious hotels have 4 locations in the city including the very delicious Vegan pastry place sticky fingers. Wondering why they made it to the list? Everything! From energy sources to the local food served at the restaurants on to the bee hide nested on the rooftop.


Food & Restaurants

Looking for the perfect romantic dinner outing or for fresher products delivered at your doorstep? Read further.

Persijn is all about seasonal menu’s that change every month according to what grows locally on their greenhouse on the top floor of their building. You’ll enjoy the chic atmosphere and decoration while sipping a cocktail (with no straw) on the top floor at the panoramic bar.

Persijn restaurant Amsterdam

In Stock, was founded by ex Albert Hein colleagues (the main supermarket chain in Amsterdam). Shocked by all the food waste they witnessed, they decided to use the leftovers to offer a 3-course chef’s menu in their restaurant in the east of Amsterdam.
New on the menu: beer made of leftover bread crumbs!  

Noordenmarkt farmers market, Every Saturday you can stroll through the Farmers’ market on the Nordmarkt square. Only organic and seasonal vegetables. We highly recommend you to spot by one of the vegetable booths to score some almost forgotten vegetables, don’t worry the farmers also give you some handy cooking tips!

Nordemarkt organic market Amsterdam
image 1, image 2image 3


Crisp is an online supermarket that favorises local, fresh and seasonal products. You order via their app where you can see the origins of the products and find detail info about the farm where the product is coming from. 

Little plant pantry, we can't wait for this new shop in Amsterdam West to open. Little Plant Pantry is a new plant-based zero-waste wholefoods store in Amsterdam. As a specialty food store, they focus on ethical consumerism and sustainability, and only offer healthy natural plant-based products and try to minimize waste by offering bulk options and compostable packaging.

Shopping Fashion & Furniture

Spending money is a way to cast a vote for the kind of society we want, so let’s cast it well. Here are 2 initiatives among many more that caught our attention:

RELIVING is a new online platform based in the Netherlands where you can buy and sell second hand curated furniture. The clean design of the site makes it easier and inspiring to shop second hand then marketplace. Browse through the different interior styles to help you find the rare piece you are looking for and get it delivered at home. The same thing goes for the sellers. second hand furnituresimage


Lena Fashion library, renting an item for a special occasion or just testing a new color your not sure about? If you like the piece you rented you can also purchase it. They have several pick-up points in the city and also ship to your house. They favor green labels such as Kings of Indigo, Filipa K and Mud Jeans.