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Did you know that there are colors that accentuate your skin undertone?

Skin undertones are your skin tone's color temperature. There are 3 primary undertones: cool, warm, and neutral.

To check your undertone, there are a number of tests that you can perform. The most common include checking your veins and testing jewelry on your skin. 

We have made cool, warm and neutral collections just for you from our product portfolio! Check them out here



Cool undertone means that your skin has hints of red and blue. If you are a cool undertone, your veins should appear blue-purple. People with cool undertones also tend to look better in silver jewelry. If you have cool undertone, you look good in the colors below. Check out our collection for cool undertones here!

Colors for cool undertone

Colors for cool undertone



Warm undertone means your skin has hints of yellow or orangeIf you are a warm undertone, your veins should appear green-olivePeople with warm undertones also tend to look better in gold jewelry. If you have warm undertone, you look good in the colors below. Check out our collection for warm undertones here!

Colors for warm undertone

Colors for warm undertone



Neutral undertone means your skin has a mix of cool and warm hues, or lack bothIf you are a neutral undertone, your veins should appear blue-greenPeople with neutral undertones can look good in both silver and gold jewelry. As a person with neutral undertone, you look good in both warm and cool colors! Check out our collection for neutral undertones here!

Note that your skin tone may change throughout the years due to things like sun exposure but your skin undertone remains the same. Remember to always examine your skin in natural light! This is because the color of your veins might change depending on the light.