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So, what does upcycling actually mean? Well, upcycling is something different than recycling. Recycling involves the destruction of waste in order to create something new, whereas upcycling takes waste and creates something new from it in its current state.

Are you looking for ways to repurpose old clothing? Well, in this greentip we come with many ideas on how to upcycle your old clothing items!

Basics you need

what do you need
For those with furry friends, how cute are these dog toys made from repurposed jeans? Or what about a bucket hat or storage buckets.
Jeans corset 
For those who have a little experience with a sowing machine, YouTube account @recreateful shows you how you can easily turn your jeans into a corset top.
PSSST....@recreateful on YouTube has an amazing collection of videos on how to upcycle other garments as well such as a denim corset top! Go take a look!
Use your old clothes to make new accessories! Make an old shirt for example into a bag!
turn a shirt into a bag
Sweater Pouf Ottoman
Upcycle an old sweater into an ottoman that’ll look awesome in your living room!
turn a shirt into a pouf
Sock Heating Pad
Have a spare sock? (I mean, who doesn’t?) Repurpose it so make a heating pad! Learn how to make a heating pad with old socks, rice and essential oils.
Upcycle an oversized blazer into a 2-piece
Two piece blazer set tutorial link is here if you want to give it a try!
So have fun with upcycling your clothing and be mindful when shopping!
Tip: We have a blog post about the difference between upcycling & recycling! Go check it out!