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Framing the problem

Are B Corp companies the Holy Grail of sustainability?

Certified B corporation seem like a huge paradigm shift in how companies do business. Being certified means that the company is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability and transparency. These businesses look like they are better then the status quo, however there is growing questioning of the B Corp movement …

In this blogpost we dive deeper into this topic looking at the certification potential shortcomings.


Are fast fashion brands greenwashing us with their conscious collection?

More and more fast fashion brands are promoting their sustainability initiatives. You might be thinking: “Wow, the fast fashion industry is becoming more ethical and sustainable! And while it is in some ereas, unfortunately all that glitter is not green.

This blogpost dives into the question: Are fast fashion brands greenwashing us with their conscious collection?

Psss… check also our other blogposts about how to spot greenwashing!


what’s wrong with Fast Fashion?

Firstly, let’s start with - what is fast fashion? It’s when brands churn out high quantities of clothing at an unnecessary and alarming speed for very low retail prices. This way, trends from fashion weeks across the globe can be replicated and arrive in store within a matter of weeks at an affordable price, instead of the usual six-month wait and high price tag. It is long reported that Zara delivers new items twice weekly to stores and can expedite the development of a product so that it only takes 15 days to go from design to shop floor

To achieve attractive, rock-bottom prices, brands look to reduce the cost of the garment through...


Is a Sustainable Fashion Week the Answer?

Fashion month may have drawn to a close and the last of the weighty September issues taken from the magazine shelves, but the spotlight on fashion hasn’t ended there. This week saw the opening of the sixth Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week (DSFW), an event with focuses including textile innovation, circular design and showcasing new design talent. It is one of a few fashion weeks around the world that wholly centre on sustainability.

But, why is this? Do we need them? Shouldn’t sustainability be fundamental to all fashion?


Life in plastic, it's not so fantastic

Time to read ±  10min

Plastic Free July is a challenge to make everyone aware of their plastic usage and to challenge people for one month to stop their single-use plastic usage and improve recycling. We’re looking back at the struggles that the Earth faces because of our plastic usage and focus on the ways to reduce and reuse plastics in our fashion choices. 

At we think that being aware of your plastic usage shouldn’t be a monthly challenge, but an overall conscious lifestyle. Read further to understand how plastic is also deeply linked to the fashion industry and how to be aware and reduce your consumption of it. 


Join the Fashion Revolution

Time to read ± 5 min

A new Fashion Industry

"Fashion Revolution believes in a fashion industry that values people, planet, creativity and profit in equal measure and that positive change starts with transparency, traceability and openness." - Fashion Revolution