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Summer is calling, and so is the time to chill on the sand with a good book in your hands. Of course, you should use the time to relax but you maybe feel like learning about new topics such as sustainable fashion? Here is a shortlist of our top recommended reads that will make you a wiser person! 


1 Slow Fashion - Aesthetics meets Ethics
by Safia Minney 


The book 
This is Safia Minney’s second book dated from 2016 and it became a must to read for anyone who wants to get more knowledge about sustainable fashion, from the entrepreneur to the individual passing by creative minds like designers.
The book curates sustainable fashion pioneers like:

  • Andrew Morgan the film director of the True Cost
  • Lucy Siegle journalist & writer (you probably know one of her famous quote: “Fast fashion isn't free. Someone somewhere is paying.”)
  • Dana Geffner the director of the Fair World Project
  • Marieke Eyskoot, a sustainable fashion, and lifestyle expert.

They bring their expertise and a new understanding of the subject, challenging the reader about its certainties.

The author
Sofia Minney MBE, FRSA, is the founder of People Tree the pioneering Fair Trade and sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand. She developed the first organic and Fair Trade clothing supply chain and is recognized by the World Economic Forum as an Outstanding Social Entrepreneur. She initiated World Fair Trade Day and Rag Rage and is a founder member of Ethical Fashion Forum, Fashion Revolution and Strawberry Earth Academy, which promotes eco-design. Her pioneering work over 25 years has brought sustainable livelihoods and social welfare to over 5.000 economically and tailors in the developing world. (


2 Africa Rising - Fashion, Design, and Lifestyle from Africa

The book
Let the spicy colors and free creativity take over your mind. This book is about fashion, about young designers and photographers, and many more. Learn more about the sustainable dyeing technique process. See the result of how designers using waste to create stunning works of art. Admire the African artistic youth.

You can also flip through the book for its images ;-)

The author
Editors: Robert Klanten, Clara Le Fort
Publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag, 2016 

Do you like this book, you might like our pieces from Afriek, crafted in Kigali in Rwanda.


We couldn’t finish this list with our favorite <3

3 This Is a Good Guide for a Sustainable Lifestyle 
by Marieke Eyskoot


The book

The cover speaks for itself! You want to live a more sustainable life but do not really know where to start? You already took the first steps to improve your life and want to know more. You have a limited budget and feel you need some guidance to not explode your monthly budget? From food to fashion to cosmetics Marieke tells you everything, let yourself guide through the list of brands and shops she recommends, let yourself inspire by the interviews of famous sustainable fashion pioneers. 

This is the ultimate guide for you! 

The author 

Marieke Eyskoot (1977) is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle expert. She puts contemporary, conscious living on the map. Marieke is a sought-after speaker, presenter and consultant, and co-founder of international fair fashion trade show MINT. With over 15 years of experience, she has an extensive global ethical network. She’s featured in several top-women lists and was nominated as Amsterdam Citizen of the Year. For many media, Marieke is the go-to person for all things sustainable. (


Happy summer reading and let us know what you think about this selection. 
Hugs & Kisses 
TGL Team