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Finding your size for best fit when shopping online is, let's face it: a hit and miss! We totally get it because we've stood in your shoes. 

You read all the product information, customer reviews, cross reference size charts and yet, 80% of the time, you still guess what size to buy to get your right fit. If you're anything like 91% of online shoppers, you've had to return your much anticipated garments because they did not fit as expected. 

When you return your products, they enter a reverse supply chain depending on the quality of the product and the size of the company. If the quality is compromised, then the product travels from you, as a customer, back through the retailer and wholesaler to the producer. This transportation alone contributes 15 million metric tons of CO2 to our atmosphere

The unsustainable cost of product returns 

As of 2020, 51% of shoppers consciously buy multiple items online with the intent of returning all but their favorite item. This usually takes the form of placing orders for the same product in multiple sizes or colors. In fact, this practice is so common that it has a term for it: bracketing. In total, the return rate of e-commerce sales averages to about 30%. With these returns, retailers also have to be wary about whether the product is in a quality to be resold and what to do with it if it’s not. 

As a retailer, we are extremely conscious of this problem and set responsible return policies to tackle the current problem of unsustainable cost of returns on the environment. At thegreenlabels, we try to reduce our carbon footprint by striving to minimize the number of returns, and working with partners who are dedicated to sustainability like we are. 

We are on a mission to reduce waste and help you navigate the complex and daunting world of sustainable consumerism. It's in our DNA to aim for continuous improvement because although there is no such thing as a perfect way to be 100% sustainable, there are ways to do things better.  


Wondering what happens with your returns? If the products are of good quality, they get restocked so that another customer gets to enjoy them. If there is a minor damage, we ask our tailor to repair it for a price. But if the damage is more apparent then it is gifted to the team member who wants it! 


How thegreenlabels help you minimize your carbon footprint? 

When it comes to transportation, we work with carbon neutral parcel providers: Fietskoerier within the Netherlands and DPD outside the Netherlands. Fetskoerier delivers packages to 30 big cities in the Netherlands through using bikes for short and green gas busses for long distances. DPD regularly measures its CO2 emissions and strives to reduce them by offsetting them with remaining emissions. 

When it comes to packaging, we use fully compostable envelopes for small orders and recycled cardboard boxes for bigger orders. Our envelopes, produced by Wastebased, are compostable and the first carbon negative packaging. Our boxes are made out of 90% recycled cardboard and water based ink that can be discarded in the paper bin. 

Unsure about your size? Try out the ‘find my fit’ option in our product description page! This tool is powered by Scircula: a purpose-led Fit Intelligence company that is on a mission to empower responsible consumption and production in the fashion industry. Unlike other Fit Solutions that use generic online shopper data and sizing charts to predict a size that might fit, Scircula uses your unique body measurements and takes each garment’s unique fit attributes into accountYour data is saved anonymously without the no need to create a profile or answer any long-winded questions. The system automatically authenticates you as a Scircula user. Providing you with frictionless fit experiences every time you shop on thegreenlabels, without having to do another thing. Bliss! As you browse our collection, you are provided with accurate, garment specific fit recommendations, based on the size for your best fit. You can add your size recommendation directly to the cart with the confidence that it's 97% accurate.

Still unsure about the fit? If you are in Amsterdam, you can visit our showroom to try on every one of your favorite pieces in different sizes and colors! And if you do not reside in Amsterdam, do not worry. Text us via WhatsApp, Instagram direct message or the chat feature on our website about your problem. We can measure the garment for you and provide you a size recommendation based on your measurements!