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founded in Copenhagen in 2018, LastObject's mission is to eliminate single use items by creating sustainable alternatives. Their values are mainly three. Firstly, that the product must have at least 10x real environmental impact vs the traditional single use products they replace. Secondly, the premium products they build have high usability and excellent design – ”good enough” is not good enough. Lastly, they are end-to-end sustainable across our entire value chain, from cradle to grave. 
All their products are designed and prototyped in Denmark, yet they are assembled both in Denmark or in China. 

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Discover the newest arrivals of sustainable accessories and care products from LastSwab, reusable makeup swabs and reusable sanitary swabs. You can shop LastObject online on

Clean processes

clean processes

Think organic, natural, sustainable fibres materials or ingredients, less or no harmful chemicals, low consumption of water or clean energy

This is a vegan label


No animals harmed or used for the making or testing of the products matching with this value

This label helps to reduce waste

waste reduction

Labels part of this value are using dead-stock fabrics, post-consumer waste and/or packaging made of recycled materials.