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AbbeyLAB is honest, guilt-free, and 100% natural skincare based on herbs. Developed in Belgium to make you shine. All abbeyLAB products contain nothing but pure ingrediënts, obtained from herbs, flowers, essential oils, and plants of the highest quality. Composed after centuries-old recipes, complemented with the knowledge of today to get the most balanced concentrates for definite results. They never ever use chemicals or fillers that bring skin out of balance resulting in needing more and more of it. They also avoid unnecessary packaging and don't even want to think about using lab-animals. Testing is done on themselves. 

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Discover the vegan natural skincare from AbbeyLAB, cleaning oil, nourishing moisturizers, hydrating spray, and multi balm. You can shop AbbeyLAB online on

Clean processes

clean processes

Think organic, natural, sustainable fibres materials or ingredients, less or no harmful chemicals, low consumption of water or clean energy

This is a vegan label


No animals harmed or used for the making or testing of the products matching with this value

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