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What is hiding behind Victoria's Secret's latest rebranding?

We probably all know the lingerie brand "Victoria's Secret" with their famous angels and pink logo stripes.

But behind this multibillion-dollar empire, hides worrying acts of disregard for basic workers right, bullying and sexual harassment, child labor and covid outbreaks in the garment factories.
Here is why you shouldn't shop at VS.


SHEIN takes ZARA: How the Chinese retailer beat the Spanish giant in its own fast fashion game?

In the last couple of years, Shein has been gradually overtaking fast fashion kingdom until a point, where it was impossible not to hear about it.

Now, it is the second most popular fashion webshop in the world after, overtaking both Zara and H&M. Didn't see it coming? Well, no one really did.

Where did it come from, how did it manage to reach this position, and why is it bad news? Hmm, wait, let us rephrase that: why is it devastating news? Dive into our post, we have a lot to tell.

Spoiler Alert: please, never ever ever shop at Shein.


2020: through thegreenlabels’ eyes

Looking back at 2020...

2020 has been an interesting year, not only its the third year we exist but its also been the year of COVID-19. As a team, we've answered  a few questions to give you an insight of how this year has been from thegreenlabels' side. 

But first meet the team ...


trees Against Black Friday

“As consumers we have so much power to change the world just by being careful in what we buy”. Emma Watson

Black Friday is nowadays commonly used to indicate the popular weekend following the US festivity of “Thanksgiving”, when retailers offer special promotions and are “in the black”, i.e. they are profitable. 
According to experts, Black Friday has recently turned into the busiest shopping day of the year. Yet, even though promotions are an allegedly effective way to attract consumers, the environment is the one that’s paying the full price for it. 

For people with little purchasing power, being able to buy a necessity at a lower price is, of course, a...


When sustainable fashion meets clean beauty: looking back on our Pop-up with nourished!

Following the incredible energy and positive response to our last pop-up shop with Noumenon in July, we couldn’t wait to do it all again. For seven days on the buzzing Nine Streets in Amsterdam, we took over De Merkenwinkel in collaboration with the clean beauty online shop, Nourished. With the stores bright interior and floor to ceiling window we knew it was the perfect setting to host our event and panel talk on clean beauty and transparency in the fashion industry.


Top 10 sustainable hotspots in Amsterdam Off&Online

Whether you are living in Amsterdam or coming for a short holiday and wondering what things to do in Amsterdam? This guide is made to ignite and satisfy the green you. Amsterdam is often mentioned as one of the most sustainable cities in Europe. This sustainability mindset reflects in the way people live, the shops and initiatives present in the city. Here are our top 10 hotspots online & offline based in Amsterdam that is worth paying a visit to.


Introducing pick your discount.

Let's be honest, sales are not our thing. Not that we do not want to make you happy, but we believe in a fair price all year long, for you and everyone involved in the process of producing and distributing our beloved items. 

Read more... Advent Calendar

Because December means surprises and gifts, check out what we have planned for you in the coming month! Every week new surprises are waiting for you at the shop. Treat your beloved ones and yourself with those special gifts.



Today, we do not want to play the huge discount game. We know that someone has to pay for what, we as a customer, don’t want to pay: either the planet or the workers making the garment. But today, offering the most sustainable labels is a tough economic battle, as discounts are everywhere.

So today, you choose what you pay.


Virunga National Park

Time to read ± 5min actions

At we wish to play our part for a better sustainable world. Today, we will talk about the Virunga National Park. we explain to you why we choose that project and how you can help us to make it happens.

“Virunga National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, on the border of Uganda and Rwanda. Virunga is Africa’s oldest national park and is also the continent’s most biologically diverse protected area. The park’s 7800 square kilometers (3000 square miles) includes forests, savannas, lava plains, swamps, erosion valleys, active volcanoes, and the glaciated peaks of the Rwenzori mountains.”  (