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How to care for your clothing made with natural fibers?

On average we wear our clothes for just 3.3 years. Wearing clothes for an extra nine months reduces a garment’s carbon, water, and waste footprint by around 20-30% each, and cuts the cost of resources used to supply, wash and dispose of clothing by 20%. 

So, where to begin? To help you with caring for your garments, we made a greentip with tips & tricks on how to wash your natural fiber items!

Hopefully, this helps to enjoy your items for as long as possible!


How to upcycle your clothing?

So, what does upcycling actually mean? Well, upcycling is something different than recycling. Recycling involves the destruction of waste in order to create something new, whereas upcycling takes waste and creates something new from it in its current state.

Are you looking for ways to repurpose old clothing? Well, in this greentip we come with many ideas on how to upcycle your old clothing items!


How to choose the perfect pants for your body type?

A good pair of jeans or pants is a chief element of a modern day wardrobe, which is both fashionable and durable. But manufacturing denim garments have a huge environmental impact as they lead to pollution of local waterways from the dyes used to produce jeans. 

At thegreenlabels we offer jeans that are made in a sustainable way and because finding the perfect pair of pants can be tricky, we have put together a small guide that will help you find the perfect fit according to your silhouette! 


How to start a capsule wardrobe: a guide for beginners

While fast fashion may be the answer to cheap clothing, those items are not there to last and the business model it is taking a huge toll on the environment. Among the effects of fast fashion are water pollution, textile waste, and depletion of non-renewable sources. 

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, a capsule wardrobe is a way to go. It refers to a small collection of clothing pieces that complement each other and can be combined infinitely to create diverse looks. 


which colors should you wear based on your skin undertone?

Are you trying to add in more color to your wardrobe, but have difficulty in figuring out which colors suit you the best?

At thegreenlabels, we want you to feel at your best! Did you know that your skin has a secondary tone? With this article, find out whether you have a warm, cool or (the luckiest) neutral undertone! 

We have put together collections for you to inspire you to look your best by styling your wardrobe with colors that accentuate your skin undertone!


a taste of freedom

Time to browse ± 3 min

If freedom had a taste... 

Have you also been dreaming for months about going out again, maybe to the beach, likely with your favourite group of friends? Well, our latest SS21 campaign shoot was inspired by such vibes. We wanted to make you feel a little closer to freedom, give you hope and help you feel that you are not alone!

Now let yourself be carried by the mix of cool tones and bohemian vibes that this collection encloses. And then tell us, is it making you crave that summer lightheartedness a bit more?



mother’s Day Conscious Gift Guide

10 Thoughtful Gifts to Give the Women in Your Life 

Enjoy 10% discount at checkout by clicking on any of the links or images in this article

Mother's Day this year takes on new meaning as we celebrate those women nearest and dearest to us, whose continued support has willed us through a particularly challenging year in all of our lives. For those of you looking to show your gratitude whilst also caring for the planet, we bring you the Conscious gift guide to inspire you with some thoughtful present ideas ahead of the 9th of May. Included are a selection of beautiful, sustainable items from conscious businesses based in the Netherlands that we guarantee the...


sustainable fabrics helping you transition from winter to spring

To help us embrace whatever surprises the weather has in store every day, we have made a list of the fabrics and yarns that are perfect, transitional choices no matter what it looks like through the window. These are the qualities to cosy up in now with the perks of easy-wearing into spring and for seasons to come. 


cruising in fall colors

Time to browse ± 3 min

Cruising in fall colors. 
We are excited to share with you Campaign lookbook for the AW20 season inspired by warm tones, unique designs and textured pieces. 


Flaunt your ethics in Amsterdam

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Let's enjoy our summer in style

We are excited to share with you our Amsterdam ethical look book because caring about our planet never goes out of style! Mix & Match our items to achieve the style that fits YOU the same way we did! 


Blooming for a new spring collection

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Get inspired by our new spring items

We are excited to share with you our new Spring collection! And icing on the cake: all items are sustainably sourced. Mix & Match them to achieve the style that fits YOU this season! 


Fall in the new season

Time to read ± 5 min

Inspiration from TGL

We hate to be the ones to tell you this, but summer is coming to an end. The Fall Collection is here