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For the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week, we teamed up with four girls who care. 

Each of them came to sustainable fashion their way, what we know is that they do not only care about looking good, they also want to do good. We let them pick their favorite fall & winter outfit and style it in their way; this is what came out of it ... 



 Meet Chanel

Chanel is a 25-year-old mom, student, and entrepreneur who is using film to change the fashion industry positively. She made a documentary called the Positive Chain of Change in which she gives young sustainable fashion pioneers a platform and shows how everyone can contribute to a better world.

 "I picked this matching sweater and skirt because it suits every occasion and every feeling. I could wear this to my premiere, but it's just as comfortable to wear combined with the jacket when I take a walk in the park with my son."




Meet Laura: 

Laura is a student and blogger who lives in Amsterdam. Three years ago Laura went vegan and became more aware of the damage the fashion industry is doing to our world. She realized that she does not want to support an industry like that, and from that moment on she took little steps into creating a sustainable and fair-trade wardrobe.

"These blue trousers make me feel dressed up yet can be styled super casual and fit super comfortably. The tight ribbed turtleneck counterparts very well with the slightly wider fit of the trousers and the colors work together in such a wonderfully classic way. Finally, I'm a sucker for anything that shines and sparkles, the earrings and necklaces just made me feel like a little mermaid!"



Corduroy, especially in deep, saturated, rich colors just emanated a kind of luxuriousness. 



Meet Sara: 

About two years ago Sara started her website When Sara Smiles  which is an online guide to creating a conscious closet. By completely changing her buying habits she transformed her negative impact on the world into a positive one. Which is beneficial for the planet, other people but also for herself, because now she consciously chooses for what she stands for and loves.

"I like the fact that you can wear the jacket and pants together, paired with a cool t-shirt. Or separately and combined with different styles, which makes it a very versatile piece. And who doesn't love this warm blush color?!"



I love this suit because it shows that sustainable fashion is cool and very much on trend nowadays.





Meet Zoe:

Zoë is the founder of the website Moderne Hippies on which she and her friend Suus write about traveling, fair fashion, natural cosmetics, healthy food and mind style. She does not just support a sustainable lifestyle online but also takes part in organizing the "Moderne Hippie Markt" where you can buy fair, sustainable, vintage & hippie goods.

"These shoes have the perfect fall color and fit like a glove. They create that fun touch to any smart casual outfit, such as these pants from Cossac and basic top from Armedangels. What you don’t expect from these pants, is that they actually feel like joggings! So you can wear them to a fancy meeting and while you’re hanging on the couch with a blankie and some chocolate. An even more sustainable choice!"




I am absolutely obsessed with my new velcro Veja sneakers



Photos by Lauresque