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O My Bag was created by the designer Paulien Wesselink. She wanted to set up a social enterprise that would not only become profitable but also give back by approaching business in a fair, sustainable manner. 

With regards to sustainability & transparency, what are your core values that define how your brand operates?
O My Bag produces eco-friendly leather bags handmade fairly in India. The leather is a by-product of the meat industry which is vegetally tanned without the use of harmful chemicals. Our producers and leather tannery use rains water and recycle and treat all the water they use.
We are also giving back to our community with 1% of our revenues being gifted to support local projects in India such as the brickfield schools. 

With regards to sustainability & transparency, what are the "hot topics" you are currently working on and try to improve yourself on? 
We are soon launching an impact measurement that we can share with our customers. It will assess our positive impact using different measurements such as the hours of fairly work provided and the liters of chemical avoided.