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Lemon Spicy is a swimwear label born from Roos van Woudenberg’s love for the ocean and fashion design. More than a label, Lemon Spicy aims to create a community of likeminded people who care about what their garments are made from as much as how they look and feel when wearing it.

With regards to sustainability & transparency, what are your core values that define how your brand operates?

  • Sustainability: we only use materials with a high percentage of recycled materials. At the moment we use Italian Carvico fabric which has 78% recycled fibres made from ghost fishing nets and other post-consumer waste. 
  • Transparency: we are open about where and how our products are being manufactured (China). This information is mainly shared through video's made during factory visits. Ethical manufacturing is key, that's why we have carefully chosen our manufacturing partner, which is a small factory that ensures a fair wage and a safe working environment.

With regards to sustainability & transparency, what are the "hot topics" you are currently working on and try to improve yourself on?

  • Trying to improve our transparency by sharing more insight about our manufacturing process. 
  • Educate our customers / followers about the sustainable aspect of our brand.