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Created by Niko Vatheuer, Embassy of Bricks and Logs is on a mission to create quality outerwear with a contemporary fashion appeal, deeply rooted in streetwear culture. Their Credo: Design first. We want to make a great product that wins people over. Then, in the next step, make this product as sustainable as possible without compromising on quality.

With regards to sustainability & transparency, what are your core values that define how your brand operates?
Embassy of Bricks and Logs is taking a stand against the appalling practices in today‘s fashion industry while maintaining an uncompromising quality standard – creating pieces that are sustainable through outstanding craftsmanship and longevity made in fair labor conditions and safe working conditions. Most of our fabric suppliers are from South-Korea. South-Korea is a highly developed country and offers the best fabrics in the textile industry of the Far East, comparable to what Italy means to Europe. Our materials are bought from manufacturers that are mostly certificated (oeko-tex or blue sign), such as YKK, Thermore, and others. We are also working closely with non-profit organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to make sure the whole collection is PETA-approved vegan.

With regards to sustainability & transparency, what are the "hot topics" you are currently working on and try to improve yourself on? 
We‘re dreaming big. We want to keep offering some of the best jackets out there – but we want to, step by step, replace commonly sourced materials through more sustainable options as soon as they get available:

  • We aim for 60% of the overall production run to be made of recycled and/or organic materials for F/W 2019 
  • We want to extend that to 80% of the overall production by the end of 2021 
  • We want to make the final goal of putting out a 100% sustainable collection a reality by 2023