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Cossac, founded by Agata Natalia Kozak, is label committed to slow fashion and sustainable design. Transparency, sustainability and social well-being is at the core of the label’s business. Their production runs are limited to minimise waste and deadstock.

With regards to sustainability & transparency, what are your core values that define how your brand operates?

  • Capsule Wardrobe designed for longevity: universal & trans-seasonal styles and colours; simple & versatile garments; innovative fabrics; small & concise collections. 
  • Sustainability & Integrity: optimized production processes; transparent supply chain & manufacturing; small production runs; ethical factories; constant self assessment and improvement. 
  • Fresh & daring branding: making sustainable fashion current & relevant; sassy & feminine garments, fresh styling; appeal to mainstream fashion customer; conscious fashionista tribe. 
  • Affordable quality: good fit and quality fabrics at competitive prices; made to last. 
  • Conscious lifestyle & creative mindset: promotion of ethical and sustainable values & practises; influential artistic collaborations.

With regards to sustainability & transparency, what are the "hot topics" you are currently working on and try to improve yourself on?
We struggle with MOQ of sustainable fabrics as they seems to be increasing each season. Same goes for MOQ on the units for garment production.




note from TGL:
MOQ is the "minimum of quantity" to place for an order at a supplier or at a wholesaler.