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Anton Jurina and Martin Höfeler created Armedangels based on 3 pillars: be good to the environment, believe in fairness and giving back to the community by collaborating with charity organizations.

With regards to sustainability & transparency, what are your core values that define how your brand operates? 
Our core values as a brand are “Timeless design instead of fast fashion, sustainable materials instead of cheap mass-produced goods and fair production instead of wage slavery. Everyone has the choice.” Apart from that, I would like to emphasize that sustainability is business as usual for us. We do not see it or make it a part of our strategy, it is the basis of our strategy and of all operations. That must be clear. We live and breathe sustainability and it is integrated into all our processes. Regarding transparency, I would define transparency as another building brick of sustainability apart from trust and understanding.

With regards to sustainability & transparency, what are the "hot topics" you are currently working on and try to improve yourself on? 
The hot topics at the moment are regeneration (because sustainability is not enough) and circular economy. We work on both approaches and will hopefully come soon with a solution or a first pioneer project!