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"Fast fashion isn't free, someone somewhere is paying the price"
Lucy Siegle


Did you hear about what happened in Bangladesh 5 years ago?
The Rana Plaza was a fashion manufacturing building and is sadly known for its collapse on April 24th, 2013, which resulted in:  

  • 1,138 people died
  • 2,500 were injured
  • it's the 4th largest industrial disaster in history.
Did you ever wonder how safe your workplace is?

In some countries, companies do what is necessary for the safety of their employees. These companies also make sure their employees work in the best conditions. Also, some governments implement policies for the safety of the country's workforce. That is not the case everywhere.

The Rana Plaza collapse was a wake-up call.
Who are these millions of people making clothes for the global market?

The fashion industry generates 3.000 billion dollars, that's to say 3 trillion dollars!
Do the people who are making clothes for the global market, make enough money to live in their country? 

In some countries, have family quality time, get an education or going on vacations is a right.
How does the global fashion makers' life look like? 

The Fashion Revolution is born to be the voice of those who cannot be heard. It's now a global movement running all year calling out all fashion industry actors (companies, retailers, consumers...) to face their responsibilities:

1. upgrade the "traditional" fashion business by integrating sustainability into the core of their business model
2. work with "greener" materials and innovate for new ones with a less negative impact on our planet and the safety of the workers
3. encourage people to change their consumption behaviors by embracing new habits

Fashion Revolution since 2015 

The first step for a positive change is transparency. Since 2015, every year Fashion Revolution reviewed 150 of the biggest fashion companies. The Fashion Transparency Index 2018 shows that out of the 98 brands and retailers reviewed in 2017, there is a 5% average increase in their level of transparency.


What can an online retailer like do?

All the labels we select are carefully handpicked and need to meet several criteria: 

- As a prerequisite labels need to provide safe working conditions for their workers or work with factories that do so.  

- if you want to support local craftsmanship or help to reinforce local communities, you can shop locally through our webshop labels that do for example re-invest part of their revenue back for local communities building or have brought back jobs in areas in a severe recession. 

Let's face it, there is still a lot of work for the fashion industry to be fully sustainable but you can take action today! Start by asking yourself who made your clothes, then ask the labels you shop from and if you don't get an answer well maybe consider switching to some that can give you one!