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This is thegreenlabels round up of sustainable coats! Here are our top picks from European sustainable brands to choose your winter jacket. Whether you are looking for something classy, waterproof or extra warm, there are plenty of sustainable outerwear for your needs. A fair-trade jacket is an investment that can keep you warm and dry for years!

We know sustainable winter coats are not always affordable. thegreenlabels holds affordability as an important part of the sustainable fashion revolution so if something is pricy is should be worth it. For us the labels and products mentioned below are high quality and team members have also invested in some sustainable coats because we truly love them. 

We talked about “cost per wear” on our Instagram before. It’s a topic in sustainable fashion where you consider how long you can wear a high-quality item and then realise that it might even result in you spending less over time. Especially true for higher price items like coats or shoes, where durability matters. In this post we calculated the cost per wear for each coat assuming you wear it for 5 years and for a full winter (3 months). This is of course an estimation only, but proves how much you can get out of these amazing sustainable coats!  


Here is our selection of the best sustainable coats: 


Embassy of Bricks and Logs

This green label is from Berlin, Germany and the city’s streetwear style is reflected in the coat designs. Thus, their Credo: Design first. “We want to make a great product that wins people over.” Then, make this product as sustainable as possible without compromising on quality. The result is high-quality vegan winter coats made from recycled and vegan materials with clean processes. We love that this brand supports ethical production and is transparent of their supply chain!  We have proof that these coats will keep you warm even in -20 degrees and the water repellent surface protects those of us in countries with rainy winters. They are not water proof tho, so you will get wet after a long exposure in the rain! 

Check out a selection of coolest puffer coats from Embassy of Bricks and Logs!

The warm and cozy Elphin

sustainable winter coat


The extra long Lourdes 

sustainable coat


The warm and cozy Elphin

sustainable winter coat embassy of bricks and logs


TGL values has: 

 sustainable brand embassy of bricks and logs



This label is true to their roots in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Raincoats and the coveted puffer are designed for those who bike daily with a side zipper that already made their raincoat famous! Never compromise your lifestyle (or style) for the weather again! Maium sustainable coats are made from recycled plastic bottles, do not contain any harmful substances, and are manufactured under fair working conditions. On top they are a vegan label. 

The winter puffer

sustainable coat maium

The bike-proof raincoat

sustainable raincoat maium

The stylish Mac raincoat

sustainable poncho maium

TGL values: 

sustainable brand maium








Are you looking for a classy coat instead of a puffer? Your prayers have been answered! LangerChen was founded in 2013 by a German man and a Chinese woman LangerChen is the contraction of both of their name. Majority of the sustainable coats are made from 100% organic wool, did you know that boiled wool is also water repellent? Yes you heard me right! The wool is treated with non-toxic processes to be long lasting, breathable and water repellent! Fair working conditions, the lowest possible ecological footprint, and high-quality products have played a major role for LangerChen from the start.

Retro vibes in the Carran coat

sustainable wool coat langerchen

Classic trench coat style Mayhill

sustainable trench coat langerchen

 The overzized chelan check jacket 

sustainable jacket langerchen

TGL values:

sustainable brand langerchen











More sustainable jackets from our favorite fashion labels hereThese affordable sustainable fashion labels also have jackets in their collections this winter. Check them out!  


sustainable jacket thinking mu



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